About Us

Who We Are

Artisan Handprints specializes in screen and digitally printed wallpapers by some of the brightest artists and designers in the industry. We've been screen printing wallpaper since 1974 and have incorporated digital technologies as well. We aim to
make the highest quality handmade products around while remaining eco-friendly and affordable.

Artisan is very sensitive to protecting your product security. We use secure Dropbox folders to store your designs that are not shared with anyone. You decide who is given access to those files.

What We Offer

Screen Printed Wallpaper

Are you a designer looking to get your line off the ground? Artisan Hand Prints has been the go-to source for high-quality wall decor since the 1970s. We print for over 40 designers and serve as their "in-house" production facility. We screen print our wallpaper by hand, using industry-standard technology and equipment. Our dedicated team of printers can execute almost any
type of design and any number of colors with the highest quality product as our goal.

We use large format presses, hand-mixed inks, and two-story dryers. The old-fashioned printing techniques that we began using in the 1970s have held up to the test of time as wallpaper has made its comeback.


Custom Design

We have a staff of trained artists and designers who can take your design and prepare it for production. Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] to discuss your job requirements.

Digital Printing

We have a variety of substrates to choose from for the option of digitally printed imagery: We recommend the HP PVC Free Pre-pasted paper for digital but can print on most substrates. This product is also easily removable which is a great selling point.

This option affords us the opportunity to help launch your new company with print-to-order delivery. We can then help you grow your product line. Digital offers the ability to print small quantities in a variety of colors, textures, shading, fine lines, and transparent overlays that are easily printed using this technology.